The City of Lochling was lost to us all in late 613, A great hoard of goblinkin decended upon its walls from many directions. Fortunately some brave adventurers were present to aid in the swift evacuation of the town so the loss of life from this tragic event was kept to a minimum. Now the once great city finds itself under the rule of King Juju and his hoard of both goblinkin as well as rather powerful Undead. It is said that King Juju's second in command, general of his undead conscripts, is a very powerful wraith like man. Little is known of this General as he is rarely seen outside the rebuilt city walls. Much was left behind as the city was abandoned.

After the fall of the city adventurers were not as welcome to stay in most settlements, Some to this day still blame them for the fall of the city. A new home was laid out in the Ruins of a hamlet which had been burned to the ground. ShallowFord by name, this place would serve as one of the two fronts to hold back the press of the forces that claimed Lochling. So the story continues for those brave enough to adventure in Akliceium...

The location of our game: Shallowford.


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